Course Educator:

AntahKaran Vignāni™ Scientist Lalit

Researcher, Founder Yujom Life Science

Collaborating Organization:

Yujom Life Science


Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat, Gujarat, India.

Title of Course:

Personal AntahKaran™ Management Science (PAMS) Kalpdroom® – Module Level 1

Course Code: PAMS-ML1

Course Code with Institution: PAMS-K-AMROLI-COLLEGE-001-ML1

Name of institution:

J.Z. Shah Arts and H.P. Desai Commerce College, Amroli – Surat, Gujarat, India.

Course In-Charge:

Prof. Dr. Mayank Sodha

Course Credits: 3 Credits

Course Hours: 45 Hours (Three Weeks, Within One Month)

Objective of the Course:

·      To develop the creative ability of each person.

·      To develop capacities of ‘problem catching/solving and new idea generation’.

·      To develop mental, emotional, intellectual, social, cultural and spiritual well-being.

·      To give scientific path of intellect (Karma), path of wisdom Gnān (Jnan)/Pragyā, path of emotion culture, path of will power and truth (Satya).

·      To give science of self-realization and liberation.

·      To give science and practice of ‘Stress Relaxation – Mental, Emotional & Muscular’.

·      To give science and practice to increase focus in work or study.

·      To give science to overcome fear, anxiety and inferiority.

·      To give science of increasing confidence, enthusiasm, joy and faith.

·      To give science to overcome psychosomatic and somatopsychic diseases.

·      To give science of root cause transformation.

Pre-requisite: NIL

Expected Outcomes of the Course:

Participants who complete the Certificate course will greatly enhance their ability to:

●   Manage his/her own AntahKaran (Mind-Intellect-Reflective Consciousness-Ego) (inner situations).

●   Manage outer situations/circumstances around him/her.

●   Development of the ability to concentrate for self-discipline and inner discovery.

●   Self-awakening development to observe thoughts.

●   Establishment of definite goals and resolutions.

Course Nature:

Online – Recorded Videos – Theory + Practical

Fees: ₹ 4500

Duration of the Course:(In weeks and Hours):

Three Weeks, 45 Hours.

Eligibility Criteria of Participants:

No Any Eligibility Criteria

Course Syllabus:

Unit No. Module Level 1 to be Covered Theory=

15 Hours

Practical= 30 Hours Total= 45 Hours


DreamSleep® 0 15 15
2 4yog® Karma Yoga 4 2 6
3 4yog® Gyana Yoga 4 2 6
4 4yog® Bhakti Yoga 2 4 6
5 4yog® Raj Yoga 3 3 6
6 My 2i(ii) Who am i?!® 2 4 6

Exam Pattern: MCQ – Online

Kalpdroom Science Research Center.

Yujom Life Science

74, Satellite Bungalows

Besides DSP, Near Silent Zone

Opp. Airport

Surat-Dumas Road, Surat-395007.

Surat, Gujarat, India.


Nature of Teaching and Evaluation Methods:
Recorded Video Via App – with Secure Login / YouTube

Discussion forum – Website

Self-Assessment – Downloadable Sheet – PDF.

Activity – Practically Applicable in Day-to-Day Life.

Assignment – Practical Experience – Testimonial

Inspired By

Self-Inspiration/Intuition/Shruti/Apaurusheya Self Realization & Pure Soul Self Enlightenment of AntahKaran Vignāni® Scientist Lalit: Self-Discovery, Invention, Innovation & Research.


Module Level 2 Eligibility & Joining

  • One can join Module Level 2 after 60 days after passing the Module Level 1 exam.

Module Level 3 Eligibility & Joining

  • One can join Module Level 3 after 60 days after passing the Module Level 2 exam.

Module Level 4 Eligibility & Joining

  • One can join Module Level 4 after 60 days after passing the Module Level 3 exam.